Nostradamus – the satanic prophet

Nostradamus was a French Jewish pharmacist and seer, born in the year 1503 and died on July 2, 1566. Many criticize Nostradamus for the vagueness in his prophecies, but has anyone ever questioned whether the vagueness and the apparent misprints and mistakes were in fact intentional?

First of all the obscurity in his quatrains was his protection from ecclesiastical persecution. Nostradamus playing with the occult could have easily ended him on the stake.  He didn’t want to forewarn lords of malicious intent because if their actions were public knowledge before their happening then they would simply take account and alter their plans. Therefore a  deliberate obscurity was intended.

But before we start analysing his prophecies, we have to ask who was this man? Why was he given a vision of the future? And most importantly who guided him to see the future?



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