Two Popes and a Comet – on the doorstep of a new era

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Since the launch of this blog, we have been feeding information. The reader might have thought that we’re derailing from the topic and that our argumentation might be rather disjointed. Below is a first convergence of facts.

With reference to the pages and posts about Pope Leo XIII and his coat of arms, and the page about the Comet ISON, one cannot ignore the fact that we are living or are about to witness what was prophesied on the Pope Leo XIII’s coat of arms.


The real meaning behind Pope Leo XIII’s coat of arms is clear:

The tree represents the Church. The grey band represents the division between the two eras, below our current time and the above it the new era. The two fleur-de-lis (a symbol of the kings) actually represent the two concurrent Popes (kings) that we have now (Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis I). Above there’s a comet meaning that a particular comet will signal the new era of the Catholics. Like Halley’s Comet announced the birth of the Messiah, Comet ISON will be doing the same of the Second Coming of the Messiah.

One might ask what has this coat of arms from a pope over a century ago got to do with all this. Pope Leo XIII had a vision of the end of our time. In this vision Satan asked Christ for a period of 100 years time to destroy what’s so dear to God – the church and its people. The 100 years are about to end.


An insight of the last ten Popes

We have just added a new section about the Prophecy of the Popes by Saint Malachy. It concerns the last ten popes that came before Francis I. We have given our own interpretation of the mottoes of each Pope. We believe that the last ten Popes are crucial in what we’re trying to predict, because these are the Popes of the 100 years mentioned in the vision of Pope Leo XIII.

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“HABEMUS PAPAM” but not Petrus Romanus



The prophecy is still on, just not as many believed. Various sites and analysts of St Malachy’s list of the popes expected to have Peter the Roman elected tonight. However we announced this morning that this was unlikely to happen. There are more pieces of the puzzle missing.

During the last conclave of 2005, two cardinals were close to become Pope, Cardinal Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) and Cardinal Bergoglio (Francis I).  Bergoglio conceded his votes to Ratzinger. Few years later Ratzinger abdicates and Bergoglio, a Jesuit, becomes the latest Pope.

For now we will only add this: everything is not what it seems. More to come soon!

This conclave will not give us PETRUS ROMANUS

For the Prophecy of the Popes by St Malachy to be fulfilled, the next and the last Pope should be called PETRUS ROMANUS (Peter the Roman).

Who is that cardinal elected pope who would dare to take the name Petrus Romanus to fulfull a prophecy? It would take a very arrogant cardinal to assume such a name for the sake of fulfilling a prophecy.

So, no, the next Pope in the Vatican’s seat will not be called PETRUS ROMANUS. So who will it be? And if a false Pope will be occupying Rome’s seat, where will the real pope’s seat be?

However the prophecy will be fulfilled in some way or another!

Conclave 2013

Conclave 2013

Lumen in cœlo (Light in the Sky)

Lumen in cœlo (Light in the Sky) is the motto that St Malachy attributed to Pope Leo XIII. Proponents of the prophecies have attempted to link this motto to Leo XIII by interpreting it as a reference to the star on his arms. However on his coat of arms there’s a comet not just any star. A comet certainly is a bright light in the sky. The three kings followed the bright light in the sky that announced the first arrival of the Saviour. But what did the comet have to do with this Pope? Did he get a glimpse of what is to come? The answer might lie in his vision, and his coat of arms is simply a reference to the future.
2013 is definitely a year of lights in the sky. Read more here.